Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time for Plan B

A mess of Pathans - 60 to be exact!

A close-up of the blue clan (Old Glory Pathans)

The boys in purple

Add Image The red clan and our British Officers plus Pathan artillery & crew (Foundry Zanzibaris with cannon and a Pathan Leader (Old Glory)

Another nice shot of the hoard

That Army Painter Quick Shade looks great!
Askari Pathan on the right and Old Glory Pathan on the left

I have gotten half of the figures I need done but I cannot finish the rest of the project before the Con, Gateway 2010 this Labor Day weekend. So I have gone to Plan B, and changed my game. I will be running "The Zareba", using The Sword and the Flame. I ran this scenario back at the February Con. It went well and is a good back-up game. I will have this scenario ready to go by February next year, for Orccon 2011. I plan to get it ready for the HMGS day at Aero Hobbies in October so as to play test it then. I just need to get 60 more Pathans done (and they are well on they're way) a Gatling Gun and some telegraph poles.

I am quite happy with how the figures look after using the Army Painter Quick Shade on them (Strong) and then giving them a coat of Matt spray (in this case it's Games Workshop's) It covers many sins and makes finishing the figure a lot easier. No Golden Demon winners but done to a very acceptable (IMHO) wargame level of painting. And if anyone is wondering, I gave each of the clans a specific color (red, blue, etc) so as to make it easier on the table to figure what figures belong to which Pathan clan, a opposed to marking the bases, which I did with my Dervishes. After using red, blue & purple, I had a bit of trouble in figuring what the next 3 colors I should use but I have sorted out now.

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