Friday, June 25, 2010

Primed Pathans!

A couple of photos of primed Pathans, figures by Old Glory

More Primed Pathans, Old Glory and some Askari miniatures

Close up of a couple of the Old Glory figures

Old Glory Sikhs

Another shot of the Sikhs, with the English Officer on a different base, which marks him as a "Leader" figure for purposes of shooting.

2 figures from "Mega" miniatures Arab figures, one is a "imam" (Religious leader) and a "bodyguard" with a 2 handed sword. I have another figure I may or may not use as the Tribal Chieftain, as I am not sure if it is too ornately dressed for the part. I may either use the "bodyguard" figure as the Tribal Leader or find another, I am not sure just yet. Coming along nicely tho.

2 Pathans from when I was getting samples of figures along time ago, they are from Castaway Arts in Australia and are quite nice, I believe. I am going to use them as "Leader" figures. I also plan to make them "mixed" clans (10 rifle/10 swords men) as opposed to pure all sword or all rifle/jezzil armed clans, as per "The Sword and the Flame" organization for Pathans. If the players want to make some or all of the clans one weapon type they can do that during the game.
Also a big choice to make is how to "ID" the clans. For my Mahdists, I have marked the back of the bases so players know who belongs where if units get mixed together during melee or some such. This is due to what they are wearing, it was the easiest thing to do. However, I have more of a choice as most Pathans are in a white turban/blouse/trousers. So I believe I will go with what I have seen in other Pathan armies painted on-line, is that a article of clothing - slash, turban or blouse is a color (red/blue/green/etc.) and the rest of the clothing white. Thus one clan is the "red" clan, "blue" clan, etc. This should make figuring things out much easier, even if it isn't very historically accurate. After all, I am going to have 6 clans (2 tribes/120 figures) of Pathans on the table!!
The Sikhs should be done quickly as it's just like 10 figures or so to have the 2 platoons I need, as I done one platoon some time ago. As far as the "Leader" types, I have enough British Officers (3) to paint as the "Sergeants" for the scenario. As this scenario is based on the movie "Gunga Din" (the trip to the village of Tantrapur to fix the telegraph lines) the heroes of that movie were 3 British Sergeants, oddly enough armed with sabres & pistols (much like a officer?) Maybe it was because they were engineers and rode horses in the movies? So I need to get them bases and painted. I have some "Gunga Din" figures by Regiment Games but they are not very good compared to the other figures I I'll paint them as per the movie, sergeant strips and all and fix then if I need to later.
I need to paint up a Sikh gun crew for the Gatling gun (as well as do up the Gatling as well) so I guess I should get those figures out and base them. One of the optional things the "Hill Tribes" (Pathans) can have is a old, slow firing cannon. I liked that idea so I got what I needed from The War Store, Wargames Foundry, from their Darkest Africa line, DA-4/4 Zanzibaris with Cannon. They look fine to work with the Old Glory/Askari Pathans size wise and I just added a 4th figure from my OG Pathan Command set as the artillery commander as the set just has 3 figures.
More to follow as I get things done..

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