Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I have.....

a cunning plan! well, maybe not a cunning plan but getting my stuff together about basing my Colonial figures. After basing all the foot figures on 25mm square bases just doesn't look good to me anymore. I was basing the "Leader" & "Key" figures on 25mm rounds to make them look different for visual ID purposes, but it's not working for me. Also having the Mahdi forces on squares people tended to put them in far more of a organized formation than they are allowed.

So as I am going to be paint a LOT of figures for the September Con (Gateway 2010), like 120 or so Pathans and another 30 Sikhs, a Gatling gun, a Sikh crew for it and a old, muzzle loading cannon for the Pathans. So with this batch, they will be based as follows:
  • The Sikhs with be based on 25mm (1") squares, with "Key" & "Leader" figures based on 25mm plastic square bases (GW bases). So all organized, well disciplined troops will be on 25mm squares (British, Egyptian, etc. types).
  • All native or less disciplined troops will be based on 25mm rounds, with "Key" & "Leader" figures will be on larger edged GW type 25mm rounds. Troop types will be Zulus, Mahdists, Boers, Pathans, etc.

I have some figures re-based so I'll take photos for my next entry to show what I mean.

I'm am also working on rules for standard bearers and musicians (bugles/drums). British have bugles or drums and the Mahdist & Pathans have standards & drums. After events in the first Afghan War and Zulu War, the British stopped carrying standards into combat. Too many people dieing trying to save them. I'll have something next entry. This will make them a little more important than just being a "pretty" right now in a game.


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