Friday, August 22, 2008

Entry for August 22, 2008

The ACW game on Sunday went very, very well. Mark played the Union and Dave the Reb's while I played host, rules arbitrator, found stuff to mark unit status, etc. Started about 1pm'ish and ended after 8 full turns at 6:30pm. The Union won, keeping the Confederates from the crossroads. Have to do it again soon.

***28mm TS&TF***

Got my last Old Glory batch of Dervishes from The War Web. 90 (sword & spear) plus Command figures and wounded & dead British (wrong uniform-1879 Zulu War) but they are cheaper than Perry Brothers and what the heck. So it's Dervish painting time real soon now. The bulk of my British are done. Nice thing about the Dervish is they are easy to paint, as long as I don't go crazy painting on the patches on the robes.

***15mm PITS 1885***

They are done. I have painted all the forces on my current list so I can play anytime. I have lots more I can paint up & add at my leisure, including a whole big bunch of Egyptians. The supply mules carrying the Gardner guns are not finished, but I can still have a game.
Off to bed soon, it's GW Gamesday tomorrow!!!!


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