Friday, August 15, 2008

Entry for August 15, 2008

My List of Things to Finish (in no particular order):

Finish the last of my 28mm Colonial British
Paint up the last of my FZ's & Ansar (which are on the way from War Web)
Pack mules for 15mm British for PITS (otherwise ready to play)
Finish Basti for WarGods of AEgyptus
Paint last of my WarGods Warband-Sebeki
Finish Fow Italian & German Allies Tanks
Re-start painting on Roman Army to sell on e-bay
Do up my Italian 88mm ATG's
Do up my Italian Pioneer Platoons
Assemble & paint my Italian aircraft for FoW

I also have a lot of 15mm Colonial I could add to my forces at a later time, such as Egyptians. There is terrain I need to do. It appears I have a mission!

As far the gaming Con goes, this time round I'm going just to play. Sounds strange, but as Bruce isn't able to attend plus I have nothing ready at this late date.

his coming Sunday, Dave wanted to have a game, of something historical, in honor of his birthday. It could be ACW, but we will see.


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