Friday, March 13, 2009

Entry for March 13, 2009

All the Old Glory Ansar swordsman are finished! Taa Daa! The last 9 Perry British are almost finished. The test model I did using Buff on the straps that I used to paint white, then stain with "Flesh Wash". The "Flesh Wash" on the Buff looks better. So in the future that's how I will paint them. The 25mm OG Egyptians are all filed, attached to bases and primed (Grey). They are next, to take a break from painting Ansar. When they are finished then I'll do the OG Ansar spearmen.
My FoW Italian Demolisher platoon is almost finished. I need to give them a touch-up paint job on rifles, etc. give them a black/brown wash and a final touch-up (uniform, flesh, whatever). The it's on to basing them! AVANTI SAVOIA! Then, FoW wise, my L6/40's & Semovente 47's.
The 15mm Peter Pig Egyptian infantry are filed, mounted on sticks and primed. Next is double checking the 15mm OG Egyptians to see if I am going to use them. The bayonets on the figures and poorly cases and can bend/break off easily. But I have them (30 figures) and LOTS of them. I also need to file and attach to sticks the Command figures.
The Egyptian figures will be VERY easy, as the infantry uniforms are white, with a red fez and black belts & shoes. Officers & artillery crew are in a dark blue uniform, red fez, black belts & equipment. A nice break from white with patches...

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