Sunday, April 13, 2008

Entry for April 13, 2008

Just a quick post about the Flames of War Tournament I went to at Aero on Saturday <4>. I made it through all 3 rounds (it was a very HOT day in the store) and won at least one battle, the last one. And of a possible Minimum 3 / maximum 18 points, I got at least 8, maybe 9. Not bad. I had a couple of tactical mistakes, but I learned alot.

Mark made it round 2 and had to leave (too bad). Harold didn't make it even to watch. My other troops didn't do too badly, but the M13/41 tanks I need to find a better use for. Their gun isn't up to the task of dealing with American tanks, at least on front-on shots. I have the maximum amount of Semovente 75/18's SP guns I can have. HHhmmm......


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