Thursday, June 9, 2016

I'm Back!

  SO lets just get down to business and post some photos from the February Game Con I went to - Orccon February 2016 put on by Strategicon!
  As usual I ran a Lord of the Rings game both Saturday and Sunday. - Ogiliath - where Frodo and Sam go through the ruins, keep away from the Orcs and escape down the sewer towards Mordor.

                                  Orcs move down the street of the ruined city

                         Warriors of Gondor melee them at the grate over the sewer entrance

                                                              The melee continues!

                                        Gondorian archers fire from the ruins of a fountain

                  A large Orc Captain engages Damrod (Ranger Captain) in the upper center of the photo
                                 Our heroes run as fast as they little Hobbit can carry them!

  A lone Orcs archer, high on a ruined building, taking pot shots! This figure lasted several turns of archery fire to get him!
                               Some photos of a very nice looking Bolt Action game


And a game of "Team Yankee" was played Friday and Saturday Nights

  All-in-all, I had a great time and will post photos of the May 2016 Gamex Convention. For more info on Strategicon Game Conventions here in Southern California, go to: and tell them Larry sent you!


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