Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bird House Buildings from Michael's

  Quick one this time just to show two Bird Houses that work as Wild West, etc. type builds I got from Michael's, the Arts & Crafts store. One of the war game magazines I get, "Miniature Wargames with Battlegames" has an article every issue by Diane Sutherland, the "wargames widow" on making great terrain/building piece yourself for a minimal cost with stuff you might have around the house/garage or get from a arts/crafts store. When I saw these pieces, I knew I had to get them to paint & use (at a later date), something she has done in her articles.

The Log Cabin

Saloon/ Store?

    The figure I believe are from Monday Knight Productions Desperado Figures line and are 25mm. Sure some of the parts of the building are a wee bit out of scale (it is a birdhouse after all) but each building was $9.99 (assembled) and with a quick paint job will fill the bill quite nicely (IMHO).

  Also, if you have not checked out "Miniature Wargames" magazine, please do so. Great articles & photos every issue.



  1. They will certainly give you a great basis on which to build and hard to grumble at such a reasonable price.

  2. Indeed! The log cabin I wanted to use when I get figures done to try out Sharpe Practice (Two Fat Lardies) using the American Civil War Supplement.