Monday, September 16, 2013

Gateway 2013 LOTR Photos are Ready!

If you are interested in seeing photos of these game please try this link - If it doesn't work, here are the links to the individual folders for Saturday & Sunday The scenario was taken from The Two Towers Book, Scenario Nine - Osgiliath Pages 110-111. I added a few more Orcs and Gondorians into the mix. The Good Forces had to have Fordo and Sam had to escape down into the sewers for a win (Frodo only was a draw) and the Evil Forces win if any 2 Good Heroes are killed before Sam & Frodo escape or Frodo is killed. Frodo escaped both times by using the Ring. Sam managed to follow him down the culvert Saturday a turn after him for a win (Gollum didn't make it). Sunday was a draw as Sam couldn't get anywhere near the culvert due to the number of Orcs around it, but being invisible, Frodo could. Sunday also saw Gollum attack Frodo early in the game in order to get the Ring but got killed trying to do so. Lots of bad Gollum imitations were also done. TTFN

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