Monday, June 10, 2013

Back to the Sudan!

At least for dead/wounded figures. This is part of my plan to get old projects out of the way and stop jumping from "shiney to shiney"! These are for use with The Sword and Flame but can be used as well as anything else I care to marked dead/wounded with. So here are some shots, all figures are Old Glory.

   There are more British figures in the production line (mostly wounded) so I will post more as they are finished. I also have wounded/dead Dervishes being worked on as well. Also in the backlog of stuff hanging around my workbench were some 15mm Dervish camel riders which are almost finished. They will add to my 15mm "Patrols in the Sudan 1885" (by Peter Pig) forces.



  1. Very nicely done, I must get around to doing something similar.

  2. Thank You! I got hooked on have dead/wounded figures when myself and 2 other friends first started running Lord of the Rings at the local gaming convention here in Southern California (Strategicon) some years ago. Just having the figures knocked over wasn't quite right, removing the dead just made the board cleaner (which still looked off) so some figures were converted to dead orcs, Rohaners, etc. You could look at the board and see where the battles were, often a Hero type would have a ring of dead around them, giving witness to their heroic combat!

    For The Sword and the Flame the British Morale suffers if they leave the wounded to the tender mercies of the enemies, such as the Dervish or Zulus. So bringing them along is a good idea, but it take one man to move one wounded so a unit's combat ability suffers quickly if too many are wounded and have to carried along.

  3. From Old Glory? Very nice figures, and your painting work is fantastic!
    I´m thinking about to test "The Sword and the Flame" with my Third Afghan War project; it appears to be a great ruleset.

  4. Many Thanks on the paint jobs!

    I have run it a few times and I've looked at other rules, it still is one of the best (IMHO) for small to medium scale battles.

    Here is a link to photos from a game Con where I ran the TS&TF "Gunga Din" scenario, which uses Pathans instead of Thugees-