Tuesday, March 15, 2011

OK, I've Been Lazy....

and not updated since, like forever! Anyway, the February game convention - Orccon 2011 went very well for me indeed, both Saturday's and Sunday's games. Sorry, no photos this time but I promise to try to update more often.

The two above photos are of, I believe, the first Napoleonic game I have ever played in (WAB, now this!?! What is next..) at the HMGS Day at Aero Hobbies this March. It was Frank's South American game and Frank and I played against Mark and had a very good time indeed!

Last Sunday, March 13th, Harold and I went up to Dave's Toy's & Hobbies (Whitter) and had a quick 750pt WAB game and then ran a game for 3 of the locals to show them and anyone else who wanted to watch, how WarHammer Ancients was played. The highlight of that game was the Pict's war dogs holding up a unit of Saxons, with many dogs howls and bad Scooby-Doo imitations being done (mostly be me). A "All Historicals Day", once a month there is in the works to have more people learn & play WAB and I can run "The Sword and the Flame" now and then as well, as many people sounded interested it that. Good. I will help keep me going and painting!

The Naval Infantry unit is almost finished, with photos to follow.


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