Thursday, December 9, 2010


Got some books I order this week. The Combat History of German Heavy Anti-Tank Unit 653 in World War II, Combat History of the 654th Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung and White Eagle, Red Star, The Polish-Soviet War 1919-1920 & the Miracle on the Vistula.

The two German unit histories are because I would like to build them both as late-war forces for using with Flames of War. I have most of the miniatures I need to build the 654th now. It uses the Jagpanther, a tank I have always liked. The 653rd uses the "Elefant" which is another interesting vehicle. One army at a time...(see previous blog)

I have had an interesting odd historical events, and after getting the "Skirmish Elite" book on it (The Russo-Polish War 1919-Battles of the Borderlands) the history sounded interesting so I wanted to read more about it, just like I did when I got interested in what happened at Wake Island. So I got this book to find out more...yet another project??? SIGH.........


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