Monday, March 15, 2010

From the Workbench

Here are three figures, the taller one is from Reaper's "Chronoscope" range British sergeant that is uniformed for the Zulu War, so I cut down and filed off the sleeve & pant embroidery and painted it for the Sudan. The other two figures, the bugler and sergeant are Perry miniatures.

A close up of the Reaper figure. It's almost done and will be used as a Sergeant-Major to go with my Captain when I field enough British troops to warrant a Captain & Sgt. Major (British Company -2 platoons). I still need a Colonel if I ever field a Infantry Battalion (2 Companies).

The two Perry minis - looking good - Almost finished!

Confederate Artillery being done on commission for a friend.

Confederate Artillery crews - photos not too good...

More reb artillery crews and their Commander. Then I have infantry to do. As of today the artillery crews & guns are finished and the infantry is almost finished. My first batch of Italians to upgrade my FOW Mid-War Italian Army are almost finished. I believe they need their black & brown wash. The next (and last) batch of HMG squads are primed and I'll start on them tomorrow. Then I have like 9 47mm ATG to do. The Italian list was changed in the newest NORTH AFRICA book adding a HMG & a 47mm ATG to each infantry group, So a full Company has 3 groups, so 3 HMGs & 47mm ATG a Company. I'd better double check how many Companies I have now & what I need again. I might be about to have a infantry Company w/ 3 platoons.
The other thing on my mind is how many 28mm Sudan figures do I need? I believe that due to numbers, I might be coming up against a wall as to how many 28mm figures I can get on a 4' x 6' gaming board. During the game at the February convention I noticed that having 5 Mahdists bands (20 figs/band x 5 bands = 100 figures) and 40 Anglo-Egyptian forces infantry figures plus a unit (12) of Cav the gaming board was a bit crowded. It maybe possible that around 200 figures maybe that wall. So I will have to go to 15mm to do really large scale games. And I have rules for that, "The Gatling's are Jammed" looking the best so far. "Patrols in the Sudan 1885" I don't thing can be used for massive games. I have a copy of "800 Fighting Englishmen" on the way which can be used for large games, but I don't know if it's for 28mm or 15mm or both. I can sell get more 28mm units that I use, like more British & Mahdist Cavalry & Camelry (Mahdist & British Camel Corp.) and another Gardner Gun and Mahdist Artillery to have for various scenarios.

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