Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From the Workbench..and my Workbench

Those rocky terrain by Gale Force 9 "Battlefield in a Box" I gave some desert color dry-brushing and some flocking so I can now use them with my desert mat. I plan to use the large one shown for my game at Strategicon, Looking Good! And now my workbench....

My workbench is a mess. I have too many half-completed projects sitting around it that are driving me batty. So I am going to get them done & out of the way. Those LOTR Wargs are have painted and need to be finished and are underway. One picture shows the "Redneck Militia" that are 2 steps away from done, and those Basti (Wargods) that have been sitting around for a least a year now. And 2 Japanese pillboxes are waiting to be finished...and the list goes on. Not really that bad. Also show are 3 British Colonial figures that I can get done really quick. The figures on Popsicle sticks are 15mm ACW rebs, 15mm Italians for FoW and some 15mm Ansar Camel Cavalry.

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