Friday, May 15, 2009

Entry for May 15, 2009

What's Up?
Well, my Semovente 47/32 are done (photos taken)-Some trees and approx. 15mm haystacks are done (need to take photos). My Old Glory 25mm Egyptians are 80% done and I just got my flags (from the Flag Dude) in the mail today, so I can finish the standard bearers. Those flags are great! I am going to buy any flags I need in the future from him.
The gaming convention is next weekend, and all is going well. Bruce has everything ready, got my hotel room and I plan to bring my FoW Italians and some Colonials, maybe the 15mm's, as they would be easier to bring and take terrain as well. And Harold and I have played Patrols in the Sudan 1885 at least once.
I'm going to run a Colonial game next Con (Sept. 4th - 7th) The Sword and the Flame. Have to start planning now. Using a scenario from the scenario book I got for The Sword & the Flame makes it easy. Just need to see what figures the scenario needs vs what I have.

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