Saturday, July 5, 2008

Well, the 4th of July has come & gone and I had a BBQ & fireworks party here, and got a fair amount of people to show. Tim & Lynda, Hugh & Janice, Mark, The Williams, Mary & Steve, Steve Allen , Harold, his son Byron and Genie & her sister. Far too much food, LOTS of fireworks and I believe a grand time was had by all. Got so good photos of us all, having to delete only 1 photo of Mark being a dork while the picture was taken.Been a long time (far too long IMHO) since we all get together for a BBQ or the like.

*** The Sword and the Flame 28mm***

Almost finished my first batch of British, I have to paint the base then clear coat and they are done! Then start another batch of 6-8.

*** Patrols in the Sudan 15mm***

The Naval Riflemen and Nordenfeld gun crews are just about finished, which I believe finishes my current list of forces and we can play! I have some Egyptians, but I'll start on them later. I have other figures (Wargods, etc.) on my painting desk to finish.


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