Friday, October 19, 2007

Entry for October 19, 2007

Well, my To-Tanem are finished (maybe I should take some photos...) and the 20mm ATR teams for my Japanese are 50% done. The Basti are "purring" right along. Time to "bite" the bullet on the Sebeki and start filling in the gaps on the heads and arms with green stuff. Then paint them, which should be easier than the Basti. Then my Warband is finished!

Then I need to base my Zeros for FoW (or should I do what JP tanks I have?) and then I believe I should go back to my Italians and get the Italian 88's done. Also the rest of my M13/40 tanks. I may need to replace the barrels on them, they are a bit thin and bend easily. Oh yeah, I can't forget to clean up the bases of my "Trow" Italians and put labels on them.

I'm slowly get what I need to start the massive "SUDAN" project. I currently have 60 Fuzzy-Wuzzies. I need FW Command and about 20 British and their Command. I also need to order stands from Litko and it's "away we go!"


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